"Susanna Salter's story serves as an important reminder
for children and the adults who read with them
that anyone can make a difference."

Karen M. Greenwald / Times Sentinel News, KS

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In 1887, the state of Kansas gave women the right to vote in municipal elections. But some men in the city of Argonia, Kansas didn’t think women should have a say in choosing their next mayor, so they put a woman on the ballot―as a joke. That woman was Susanna Salter―and soon the men would find the joke was on them! Narrated by a grandmother who remembered what happened on that election day, this is the true story of a woman who stood up for her right to vote and accomplished so much more.



This book will take readers into the world of Susanna Salter, allowing children and their adult readers to literally “taste” a piece of her story. 


No other books have been written about Mayor Salter’s 1887 election, the international attention it garnered or the impact it had in the fight for women’s equality (most notably, in Kansas).