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Our laptops overflowed with delicious, witty, and imaginative Peanut Buttery Picture Book Pitches! #PBPBPP entries were even better than expected!


From "blanditos" and PI's, to reality tv and surprise parties, we drooled, giggled, and raised eyebrows! In parodies, mixed-up fairy tales, and Shakespeare, Peanut Butter went global, across time, and into outer spaceinteracting along the way with, ferrets, manta rays, dogs, squirrels, and anthropomorphized foods.

Peanut Butter took the bus, spread itself thin in cafeterias, and helped scientists make diamonds (if only we had gotten samples!).


Mostly, you proved our theory correct! Anything can inspire—including a humble spread like Peanut Butter. What comes next is up to you.


So many of these ideas will make excellent books. Don’t stop now. Write them!





Don't forget to share your fav Peanut Butter recipe on our #PBPBPP Potluck page. Why—because we're community builders, not just contest makers!


Bon Appétit!

Karen and Jenny 

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on this...

Here are few interesting trends we noticed in the #PBPBPP Pitches:

  • Many entrants anthropomorphized our nutty spread. Peanut Butter was most often considered a Masculine character. Jellies and Jams? Typically feminine...Why? We're not sure!

  • Nearly 1/4th of the pitches mentioned a tasty duel or confrontation between Peanut Butter and another fruit or nut spread(s).

  • For the NF/ IF pitches, we received a vast range of topics, including: allergies, loneliness, taste bud conflict, STEM application, and unusual usage.

  • We saw several comp titles named in your pitches and creative titles!


Wow! Entrants really brought their PB game! With so much, "Peanut Butter Potential" (aka: PB-P), how did we make our final decisions?


Here are some of the things we considered:

1. Does the topic feel PB-appropriate? 

2. Does the pitch have a clear sense of character, challenge, and outcome?

3. Does the concept tug at our emotions? Get our imaginations churning? 

4. Would this story be read and re-read again and again.

5. Does this pitch creatively integrate Peanut Butter as the focus?



As a result of the quantity of quality--and because of your enthusiasm, support of each other's ideas, tweeting, and posting--we've decided to modify our number of winners!


Instead of 1 winner in each category, we're awarding 3 F pitches and 3 NF pitches.


Winners, we'll be in touch with you shortly about your critiques! 

Congratulations to EVERYONE who participated! PLEASE consider taking those pitches and turning them into manuscripts, even if you did not win--you never know whose magazine or bookself they will land on!



"Crema de Cacahuate," or "peanut butter" if you please. Joe only speaks Spanish.  Reggie only speaks English.  How will they complete the team peanut butter and jelly sandwich challenge?  Can you say that three times fast?!

C Stone Medina@cstone_medina

Why we chose this: Not only did we love the fact that this story has “real world application,” but the pitch clearly identifies what the characters want and a good conflict (a challenge revolving around our favorite edible spread). Plus: we love the bilingual aspect and the multi-cultural potential it offers.

The Fruit Spreads are missing. PB Private Eye is on the case. Is Strawberry in a jam? Is Raspberry feeling jelly? All crumbs point to Vegemite but it will take some serious sleuthing to find who has the sticky fingers.

Aundra- Writing & Teaching & Parenting@JasperSammyand

Why we chose this: Oh the wit! Oh the puns! We received several detective stories, but there is something about this anthropomorphic "who-dunit" that gave us a kid-friendly film noir vibe. Plus: with humorous writing and themed illustrations, we believe kids will love trying to solve the mystery!

When Charlie finds the open Peanut Butter jar, his nose twitches with temptation and his tongue tingles, but he spends the night wondering if a delicious treat was worth getting his snout stuck.


Why we chose this: Who doesn’t love seeing or reading about an animal getting themselves into a jam—or in this case, a jar of peanut butter! This pitch is written clearly and while not flashy, it quickly gave us a good idea of the story's kid-friendly visual and textual humor. Plus: it whetted our appetites to see what happens next. We think kids will want to know, too!



When a prairie full of endangered black-footed ferrets fall ill, scientists are desperate to deliver a vaccine. But catching them proves to be a challenge, until they learn that nothing goes together better than peanut butter and drones.

Lindsey Hobson@LindseyBHobson

Why we chose this: This pitch is not only fascinating, but also well-written. It provides a problem (ill ferrets needing medicine), a challenge (catching the creatures in hopes to get them well) and a very imaginative solution (peanut butter and tech?). Plus: we definitely want to know what happened and how they came up with their idea!

What do Peanut Butter and Diamonds have in common? BUTTER DIAMONDS takes you on a crunchy ride and describes how a scientist discovered a way to turn peanut butter and carbon dioxide into diamonds.


Why we chose this: Straightforward and cleverly titled, this pitch packs a punch. It presents an unusual, most likely unheard of use of peanut butter, and tempts the reader to learn more. Seriously--who came up with using our fav spread in this manner (and why)? What is it about peanut butter that can help create gems? Plus: we want to know how we can make our own bling!

Did you know Americans eat 700 million pounds of peanut butter each year? YOU BUTTER BELIEVE IT spreads interesting facts about PB through history and why scientists aren't nuts for thinking PB can help save the planet. 

E. Elle Bea@EElleBea

Why we chose this: This pitch is filled with factoids and fun! Peanut Butter is clearly the focus, with extra helpings of wit thrown in. The title is engaging as it dares the reader to investigate. Plus: we love the idea of our humble spread somehow saving the world.