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(aka: the "deets")

Hey, AMAZING kidlit writers!

Baked enough banana bread yet? Looking for a new recipe?

             How about one that involves creativity, interesting histories, and PRIZES! 


                  We’re calling it the: Summer Fun in the Sun Non-Fiction/Informational Fiction Contest!

                      Hmm... That’s a mouthful. Let's just hashtag it.


Now, for the RULES:

  • WRITE ON. Each participant will write a summer-themed complete story. It should have an arc, a beginning, a middle, and an end. 

  • GET TO THE POINT. The story can be no longer than 200 words (this does not include the title). No art notes, please.

    • An aspect of the entry MUST be Non-Fiction or Informational Fiction.

    • You will be judged on the quality of your information and its purpose in the story. In other words, don't add irrelevant details to satisfy the requirements—you never know where this entry can lead you! Shine some summer fun on your tale!

  • ACT YOUR AGE. Each entry must be appropriate for ages 4-12. Any entry that includes profanity or discriminatory language or content will be removed and disqualified. This is a fun, inclusive, respectful event. Let's keep it that way so everyone can enjoy it!

  • GIVE IT YOUR ALL. You may only enter one story. 

  • SHARE YOUR TWO CENTS WORTH. You must comment below on at least 2 other stories. Again, this is supposed to be a positive kidlit experience for everyone reading the site. Please adhere to our policy above. Inappropriate themes, profanity, or discriminatory content will be removed immediately.

  • SHARING THE LOVE  In an effort to support one another, we have a super easy, super fun, Summer Point System (see below). Each participant, in order to win a prize, has to do some social media'ing.

  • SHOW IT OFF! Post your entry in the COMMENTS SECTION ON THIS PAGE starting on July14th.

  • SET THE DATE! Entries must be received no later than 11:59 EST PM on July 25th.

                    Oh, and the most important rule? You must have FUN!

                                         Let’s talk PRIZES (better than banana bread, right?)...

                      We are super excited about our fantastic prize donors.

                    Thank you to everyone involved for your time, support, and generosity!

                          Let's start with you the one you're most curious about. How do you win?  

               It is all about the story...and SUMMER FUN POINTS! A team of judges will read through

               and vote on the stories that best fit our challenge. You will be judged on:

                                           A. Originality                       

                                           B. Quality of information   

                                           C. Level of kid-friendliness.

                                           D. SUMMER FUN POINTS!


So how do you earn SUMMER FUN POINTS?

The short answer--getting involved! Check out the chart below for the different ways to earn points. Consider it our 

online, stress-free, low-key beach party! Let's share the love and celebrate our amazing community!

SUMMER FUN POINTS make you eligible for different prizes!

For eligibility in our: 


GRAND PRIZE Circle--you must earn at least 30 SUMMER FUN POINTS and adhere to all rules above.

BEAT THE HEAT CRITIQUE or GET THE SCOOP prizes--you must earn at least 20 SUMMER FUN POINTS and adhere to all rules. 

SWAG YOUR BAG or GET A READ prizes--you must earn at least 5 SUMMER FUN POINTS and adhere to all rules.



Beach Blanket Bonus: All contest participants will be entered into a raffle to win a SWAG YOUR BAG book!

At least 5 lucky folks will get a cool beach-side read!  

How do you get points? Funny you should ask!

Here's a chart to explain how you an earn Summer Fun Points!

Anchor 1










**Note: While we hope you can donate to WNDB and support their great work, entrants do not need to donate in order to be eligible to win prizes. **

Can you tell me about We Need Diverse Books


Here is their official statement. "We Need Diverse Books (WNDB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and a grassroots organization of children’s book lovers that advocates essential changes in the publishing industry to produce and promote literature that reflects and honors the lives of all young people. It is our mission to put more books featuring diverse characters in the hands of all children. You can learn more about WNDB programs at"

To donate:

WNDB_Logo_sq (002).png

How does WNDB prefer to receive their donations?

If you are making more than one donation to earn "Summer Fun" points, please follow our posting rules above...BUT donate the entire amount at once (as per WNDB's request).

For ex.: if you are donating $15 or more, tweet three times but donate the full amount all at once.


**You do not need to donate in order to win a prize**

How will winners be notified?

We will post a tweet on or around August 15th listing all winners. We will also post a list to this blog.


How will I get in touch with the author critiquing my manuscript?

We will facilitate an exchange of information, advising both the winner & the prize donor simultaneously.

If I win, will my entry be the piece critiqued?

Isn’t it more fun if you get to choose? You decide the NF or Informational Fiction manuscript you want critiqued (up to 800 words). Winners will be ranked by our judges. This will determine the order for choosing your prize. For example, after the Top Winner has chosen their prize, Winner #2 will get to choose,

then # 3 and so on.

Can I add my Twitter or Instagram info to my entry? 

Sure! Add it to your entry. We want everyone to benefit from participating in this contest! If it helps increase your social media presence, that's great :) But please note: we are not using Instagram posts for the

point aspect of the contest. 

Can prize donors participate in the contest?

Yep! But they cannot judge their own work! Makes sense, right?!

How can I get more involved?

Enter! Read and comment on your fellow contestants’ entries (beyond the number required).

Follow ALL the donors. Get the word out!

Still want to do more?? (We LOVE your enthusiasm!) 

Tweet one of us about joining our judging team. Karen/@kgreen_write or Jenny/@Yangmommy


No more reading. Go write your winning entry! 


Karen & Jenny

Psst! Want to 



Here's how:

     Step 1: Right-click on our                           emblem to the below.

     Step 2: Copy our emblem.

     Step 3: Paste it into             

                  your tweets/posts.

     Step 4: EARN POINTS!

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