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Here we are, again. Another January and most of us have not broken our resolutions…yet! I know, it is only day four, but you might feel tempted to eat that last cupcake while binging Netflix (remember when you planned on watching only one episode per week?). Hey, no judgement!

As a person who spends enormous amounts of time in front of a laptop, sharing my resolutions here feels fitting. Please forgive me for using you as my accountability coaches.

Today, I make the following promises to myself:

1. I will return to reading novels (especially since I finished Emily in Paris–watching an episode a night is not binging, is it?!).

2. I will recommit to getting more sleep, eating more greens, and turning tech off earlier at night (starting tomorrow).

3. I will restart my work-outs. (Does lifting extra-large cookies count as weight training?)

Ok, ok, yes—these are generic pledges. They’re the same resolutions many of us make and break. Reading, sleeping, eating better, yada, yada.

The real question is, how are we going to add meaning to our lives? How am I?

With that, here is my actual goal: I hereby resolve to be resolute in all areas of my life. I will lean into what brings me happiness, inspires me, and nourishes my creativity (i.e.: writing stories that educate/launch important discussions, helping enhance the #kidlit community, co-hosting #SunWriteFun, and raising money for/awareness of worthy #kidlit charities).

I grew up as an optimist. Yet, the past few years have greatly challenged that part of me. I want to again find peace and awe in the simplest things—and hope as part of my world view.

So, if you see a post from me expressing frustration, hold me to what I wrote above. Remind me that it is time to reconnect to a sense of positivity. I can't think of a better way to do "self-care."

Wishing you a year of resolve!

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